In a competitive business environment, every member of the team needs to pull their weight. Salespeople have the advantage of being able to express their contributions with objective, quantifiable data – but they also have the challenge of meeting the high standards those numbers demand. 

For hiring managers, hiring the right salesperson is a must. Here’s how to find the right sales professional to join your team.  

1. Start with a candidate persona

Sales departments spend considerable time on crafting buyer personas when planning sales strategies. To find the right candidate, create “candidate personas” that describe the ideal candidate. 

When creating a candidate persona, focus on skills and experience. Be careful to avoid characteristics or language that indicate biases for or against candidates in prohibited categories, like age, race, or sex.  

2. Sell the job and company to candidates

Job postings that merely list the job’s expectations tend to disappear among competing ads. They don’t inspire candidates to imagine themselves in the position, and therefore they aren’t memorable. 

Instead, build an employment brand into your job postings. Start with a brief “day in the life” description of the job within the context of the company’s larger goals. Then, focus on key tasks, skills and experience to round out a candidate’s picture of the work.  

A strong employment brand helps candidates see themselves in the role. Candidates who like what they see – a job that fits their skills and approach to work – are more likely to apply, while candidates who find the experience an uncomfortable fit will move on to places they’re more likely to thrive.  

3. Seek help where you need it

A staffing firm that specializes in finding sales candidates can help you curate your candidate pool. Staffing firms seek to understand their clients and to apply their clients’ specific criteria when recommending candidates. Your staffing partner can look for candidates who meet your needs – and exceed your expectations. 

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