As children, many of us were required to write thank-you notes in response to gifts we received from family or friends. While it may have felt like a chore as a child, in adulthood, writing thank you notes is one of the most powerful tools job candidates have. 

A thank you note leaves a powerful positive impression on a hiring manager. It helps them remember their best impressions of you. It can mean the difference between a first and second place on the job offer list. 

Here’s how (and why) to write an outstanding thank you note:  

Start by reminding the hiring manager who you are and when they spoke to you. 

Hiring can be a stressful process for hiring managers, who often juggle multiple candidates’ details at once. By starting your thank you note with a brief reminder of who you are, you help the hiring manager connect the note to the right candidate. 

“Thank you for speaking with me on Wednesday afternoon about the marketing associate position.” 

Focus on one or two concrete details from the interview.  

While “thank you for speaking with me” is a good start, it can be bolstered by adding a sentence or two about a specific, concrete detail from the interview itself. These details show that you were paying attention and that you’re using the interview to improve your own career, whether or not you’re offered the job. 

“I especially appreciated learning more about the Company’s work on insulin pumps, as well as your hospital volunteer program. And it was wonderful to speak to another State U alum.” 

Connect these details to your own candidacy. 

Draw a direct connection between the details you mention and your own ability to thrive on the job. This connection will help the hiring manager see you in the role at the same time they’re experiencing positive feelings about your courteousness and conscientiousness. 

“The interview further convinced me that Company is an ideal place for my skills and experience, including my internship at Diabetes Clinic and my tutoring of teens who want to work in healthcare.”  

Include a specific follow-up. 

Finally, give a concrete next step for the communication process, so that the hiring manager knows what to expect next. 

“I look forward to hearing from you again by next Friday, as you indicated in the interview. I’ll reach out the Monday or Tuesday after if needed.”  

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