Many sales and marketing leaders don’t think about recruiting until the need to fill a position arises. Only seeking new talent when you need it, however, leaves your team and company vulnerable to poor hires.  

Here are five reasons recruiting should be a regular part of your day to day work: 

You’ll keep your talent pool filled. 

On average, it takes four to eight weeks to hire a new salesperson or marketing staff member. Start the recruiting process when you know the opening exists, and you risk extending this period even further. 

The longer a position remains open, the more it costs your team and company. With consistent recruiting, however, you always have access to candidates who would perform well in the role – no matter how unexpected the opening was to you. 

You’ll save money. 

Spending on recruitment even when you have no open positions seems wasteful at first – until its costs are compared to the costs of a bad hire. 

The wrong sales hire can cost up to 30 times a year’s salary in that sales position. It also threatens the productivity of the rest of your team. By recruiting consistently, you improve the chances that you’ll have the right candidate available for every job. 

You can’t stop the unexpected, but you can be ready. 

A surprise job opening on your team can leave you scrambling to reassign work and address customer needs. With so much to do, recruiting becomes one more burden you neither expected nor needed. 

A consistent recruiting process, however, alleviates the sense of panic. The opening may be unexpected, but you know exactly what to do – and which candidates to contact. 

You’ll build a better team. 

Salespeople are ambitious by nature. When a team member leaves, the entire team’s goals suffer. 

The quicker you find a new sales professional, the easier it is for your teams to stay on target. Staying on target keeps morale high, boosting engagement and productivity. An ongoing recruitment process helps ensure you can fill gaps fast, helping your team succeed. 

You can stay one step ahead of the competition. 

Competition for top sales talent is fierce. Companies that recruit constantly have an advantage; however, They’re constantly building relationships with top talent. When they need to hire, they already have the connections they need to bring a great candidate into their team. 

At SMR Group, our recruiters can help you ensure you’re always attracting top candidates. We specialize in working with members of the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries who seek the best available sales and marketing talent. Contact us today to learn more. 


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