Top-performing sales and marketing professionals are worth their weight in gold. Not only do they do outstanding work on their own tasks, but their motivation, passion and efforts can inspire an entire team to greater heights.  

Here’s how to recognize your top performers: 

Give more frequent praise. 

Praise on an annual performance review is nice, but praise every time monthly or quarterly results come out has a more lasting effect on the top performer and the team. Give regular praise and thanks when your team does well.  

Make thanks thoughtful. 

A public social media post or a handwritten note can help communicate how much a top performer’s work is appreciated, without costing a great deal of money. Small personal touches have a powerful impact. 

Build their credibility. 

Recognize top performers by quoting them in press releases or company newsletters or mentioning them as the in-house expert on a particular topic. You’ll acknowledge their value and also help build their career. 

Gift experiences, not items. 

Few people need a new coffee mug, but many can benefit from gift cards to restaurants, spas, movies, or similar experiences that allow them to relax and recharge.  

Create company-wide awards. 

Top performers are often proud of their careers, so earning a title like “Employee of the Month” or “Outstanding Service Award” can mean a great deal to them. Add a small trophy or plaque for the employee to display in their office.  

Know them well enough to know what they like. 

Rewards that are tailored to the person offer a double incentive: They show that you appreciate the person’s work, and also that you care enough about them as an individual to understand what they value as a reward. 

Make schedules flexible. 

Unlimited vacation, flex time, and work from home options all help top performers get their work done while also meeting other essential needs. These perks boost engagement and productivity as well as self-regard. 

Brag about them to your customers. 

Social media posts, newsletter or blog articles, and other customer-facing outlets are a great place to talk about your top performers. You demonstrate the company’s best work, and you show your best people that you’re proud of them as well.  

Throw a party. 

Throw a small party or similar event in which you acknowledge a strength each person adds to the team. You’ll be demonstrating to everyone that their work matters – and that they can all be outstanding performers. 

At SMR Group, our recruiters help our clients in the biotech, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries find, keep, and recognize outstanding talent in the sales and marketing fields. To learn more, contact us today.  


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