Congratulations – you’ve landed a marketing interview! 

You may be tempted to celebrate, but the work you do in the period before your interview date is crucial to interview success. Congratulate yourself for landing this opportunity, then dig into your preparations. 

Here are four ways to get ready to give the best marketing interview of your life: 

1. Research the company and envision yourself on the team. 

The internet makes it easier than ever to gather the latest information on an employer, their work, goals, and achievements. Use tools like Google News to read the latest press clippings on the company, as well as Google or other search engines to learn about the organization. 

As you read, envision yourself working for this company. What strengths can you add to their mission, values or goals? What makes this company an ideal place for you to work?  

2. List your top accomplishments. 

Listing job duties or skills is simple – and boring. To stand out in the interviewer’s memory, craft your abilities into a story. 

List your top two or three accomplishments at your current or most recent job. Think about the skills you used to achieve each goal. Work on telling the story of each accomplishment in a compelling way, so it’s memorable to interviewers and showcases your abilities. 

3. Collect evidence of your successes. 

Marketing professionals often benefit from maintaining a portfolio of projects they’ve carried out or collaborated on. Your portfolio offers another way to present vivid evidence of your accomplishments to an interviewer.  

Use your portfolio preparation to generate some fresh ideas to share during the interview. When you show up with examples of your past work and ideas for new projects specific to this employer, you demonstrate your passion and skill in marketing at the same time.  

4. Work with others. 

While preparing for your interview, reach out to anyone you know who works for the same company. Ask a trusted family member, friend or colleague to help you practice your interview responses or look over your portfolio. Or reach out to a recruiter who can help you better understand the company and prepare to stand out from other candidates. 

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