Company culture encompasses all the ways a company conceptualizes, pursues and achieves its goals. If the goal is the “what” and your employees are the “who,” culture is the “how.”  

Maintaining company culture is essential not only to achieve goals but also to find the best talent for your teams.

Here’s how to strengthen your organizational culture for better hiring and better results.

1. Be able to name your cultural cornerstones. 

If your leadership or employees were asked to describe your company’s culture, what words and phrases would they use? Would they all tend to gravitate toward the same concepts, or would their descriptions be very different? 

Being able to describe your company’s critical cultural touchstones is essential to maintaining and strengthening the cultural edifice. Start by polling staff and leadership, examining your mission and goals, and thinking about the type of personality and approach to work that thrives under your roof.

2. Highlight the team members who embody their core values.

As you explore your company’s culture, you’ll find that certain team members embody core values or strengths. Use social media and internal channels to highlight these team members and their work. 

By bringing these workers and leaders into the spotlight, you’ll reinforce your company’s internal values by demonstrating that those values are noticed and appreciated. You’ll also appeal to job-seekers looking for a company that values the same strengths they express in their own work.


3. Use hiring as a way to further strengthen company culture. 

When you hire, you don’t have to focus solely on candidates’ technical skill. You can also look for candidates whose transferable or “soft” skills reinforce the key drivers of your company culture. 

For instance, a company that values transparency might seek candidates who communicate frankly and effectively. A company that prides itself on results might prioritize candidates who are self-motivated and driven to succeed. By hiring with an eye to culture, you improve that culture while also finding candidates who offer a great fit.  

At SMR Group, our recruiters connect clients in the medical device, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries with some of the best sales and marketing talent available. We can help you identify the key traits of your company’s culture and share them with the world so that professionals who offer a great fit are encouraged to apply. Contact us today to learn more.

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