The number of employees who work remotely has increased in recent years. Shutdowns related to the novel coronavirus increased the number of remote workers even further. 

Now, many states are reopening, but COVID-19 exposure remains a concern. As a result, many companies are exploring options to allow workers to continue working remotely, even if they’re allowed to be back in the office.  

Here’s why remote work might be the best thing for your sales and marketing staff: 

1. Remote work is tied to greater efficiency.  

Most professionals, particularly in marketing and sales, already know what their ideally productive environment looks like. When they’re freed to meet this standard, they’re also free to improve their own efficiency and productivity. 

Given the option, some staff members will still prefer the office. Others, however, will thrive if allowed to work at home or from a space of their choice, like a co-working office or coffee shop. 

2. Working remotely can reduce stress and improve happiness for your team.  

Before the COVID-19 pandemic began, research showed that allowing remote work helped reduce employee stress by allowing them to maintain a better work-life balance. It also indicated that remote work increased engagement because it represented an employer’s faith in their team’s commitment and work ethic.

Now, remote work can also reduce employee stress and increase engagement by removing a major stressor: Concern about contracting the novel coronavirus. When workers don’t need to worry about exposure outside the home, they can focus on their jobs.  

3. Remote work often represents a cost-savings for companies.

When employees work remotely, certain costs related to that work may still need to be borne by the company. For instance, covering the costs of secure Internet connections or proper computers and other tools may be essential.  

With workers no longer occupying a physical workplace, the costs of maintaining that workspace can be reduced. Offices can be consolidated, saving money on leasing, climate control, and other overhead factors. The resulting savings can be used to build a better workforce or to focus on other vital projects. 

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