The salespeople most satisfied with their career path – and who experience the most success – all share a set of similar traits. These traits help salespeople not only succeed, but love what they do.  

If you’re considering a career in sales, ask yourself whether these traits are part of your personality: 


Top salespeople know that when they’re assigned a task, the buck stops with them. They never blame others or make excuses. Instead, they’re constantly focused on what they can do to improve or change the things over which they have control.  


Honesty benefits the best salespeople again and again. Customers are more likely to trust them and to choose the salesperson as their point of contact with the company for a long-term relationship. Their team members trust them as well, and they position themselves for career growth. For many top salespeople, honesty comes naturally.  


Persuasion is most effective when the persuader can step into the perspective of their audience. It’s no surprise, then, that top salespeople have the empathy required to see the world from the perspective of customers and respond accordingly. 


Top salespeople are great at thinking outside the box, making do, and adapting on the fly. They love a good challenge, and they’re often proud of their ability to rise to any situation. Because salespeople often work independently, their ability to draw on their own inner resources is invaluable. 


Good salespeople have deep-rooted confidence in themselves. It’s not a shallow, ego-boosting swagger – it’s a calm, centering belief that no matter what happens, they can and will rise to the occasion. They trust themselves to figure out what’s going on and respond appropriately, even if a situation is new or they feel nervous. 


“If at first, you don’t succeed, try again” is a highly relatable proverb for many salespeople. They accept that their work may be difficult at times, but they maintain an unshakable faith that they will succeed eventually, no matter how many obstacles land in their way. 

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