Your health provides the foundation for everything you do, from building your career to spending time with your family. Regular travel, however, can wear down even the healthiest individual.  

By employing a few simple tips, however, you can help protect your health while traveling, even if you regularly travel as part of your career. Here’s how.

Stay hydrated. 

Staying hydrated helps your body operate effectively. Hydration plays a key role in everything from maintaining eyesight to preventing cramps and fatigue.  

If traveling to a part of the world where tap water is unfiltered or of questionable safety, choose bottled water. Self-filtering water bottles are also available, and they can help you stay hydrated without getting ill. 

Walk whenever you can.  

Walking helps build core and leg strength and aids in the prevention of blood clots and other maladies caused by long periods of sitting. It also helps regulate the lower digestive tract, which may become upset by drastic changes in food or routine.  

A walk also helps you take in the sights, turning your trip into more than a mere business meeting. 

Develop a no-equipment exercise routine. 

Many hotels offer gyms, but some do not – or the gym may be closed, or you may not have time to visit. 

By creating a no-equipment workout routine, you can still stretch, exercise and relax your body after a day of travel or work. Exercises like push-ups, planks, and squats help you keep every major muscle group in good condition.  

Pay attention to what you’re eating. 

One of the perks of travel, for business or pleasure, is the chance to try new restaurants and dishes that may not exist at home or near your office. It’s important, however, to consider what you’re eating and moderate your food intake. 

When considering the menu, think about your intake of carbohydrates, fats, and protein. Try to fit in extra vegetables and fruits wherever you can. Also, notice your sodium intake 

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