Job descriptions play a huge role in finding the right candidate. A well-written job description encourages candidates to apply for a job; a poorly-written one convinces them to look elsewhere.  

Here are five things to do when writing job descriptions – and five to avoid. 

Five Dos for Job Descriptions 

To write better job descriptions: 

1. DO introduce your company’s employment brand.

What makes your company a great place to work? Write a short paragraph or a list of bullet points that shares your company’s best features. This section encourages applicants who thrive in a similar environment.  

2. DO clarify what’s required and what’s desired.

Some skills are essential for job success; others are desirable but can be learned on the job. Make it clear which skills fall in which category to help job-seekers make the right choice when deciding to apply.

3. DO update the job description before you post. 

Posting an outdated job description will net you candidates who suit the role as it existed in the past, not as it exists in the present. Make sure the description describes the role as it exists today. 

4. DO use impeccable spelling and grammar. 

Spelling, grammar, and formatting mistakes make top candidates wonder if the company knows what it’s doing – and turn away.  

5. DO get enthusiastic. 

Enthusiasm shows how job descriptions are written, and it can sell top candidates on your company. 

Five Don’ts for Job Descriptions 

When creating a job posting: 

1. DON’T just copy and paste the internal job description. 

The internal description is for company use; the job posting is a marketing tool to attract top candidates. Treat each one accordingly. 

2. DON’T try to eliminate bad candidates.

If you’ve had a bad fit in that role before, it can be tempting to write a job posting to turn away similar candidates. Avoid this urge; instead, write for the ideal candidate, not the “not bad” candidate. 

3. DON’T “post it and forget it.”

Keep track of how the posting fares in terms of audience engagement. This information will help you create better postings and post strategically. 

4. DON’T limit yourself to general job boards.

The best candidates don’t always read generic job boards, but they do read niche boards and location-specific boards. Expand your reach to reach better candidates. 

5. DON’T go it alone.

A trusted third party, like a recruiter, can help you write better job postings – and reach better candidates.  

The recruiters at SMR Group specialize in connecting our clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries with some of the best sales and marketing talent available. We can recommend candidates or help you craft job descriptions that attract the best candidates for your team. Contact us today to learn more. 


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