One of the most appealing aspects of a sales career, for most sales professionals, is the chance to continually learn and grow.  

Salespeople constantly seek to learn more about their company’s products and services, the industry in which they work, and the customers who benefit from what their company offers. They often enjoy the learning process and the results of putting their newfound knowledge to work.  

To expand their careers, salespeople can also seek various certifications in sales. These certifications also offer the chance to expand skills and improve a salesperson’s results.  

Popular sales certifications include: 


Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP) 

The CPSP certification forms the foundation of many successful sales careers. Offered by the National Association of Sales Professionals, the CPSP is a widely-recognized credential applicable to a vast range of sales positions and challenges. 

Certified Inside Sales Professional (CISP) 

 The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals grants the CISP credential, which comes with a continuing education requirement in order to maintain. This requirement helps boost the credential’s power as an indicator that you’re committed to continuous learning and growth in your field. The CISP certification focuses on building the skills of virtual sales professionals.  

Software Credentials 

Credentials in particular software platforms demonstrate that you understand the value of these tools in a digital, hyper-connected world. A salesperson with credentials in one or more commonly-used software platforms can become their department’s point of reference with questions about these platforms, boosting their value to the entire team as well as their own personal abilities. 

Popular software credentials for salespeople include work on Salesforce and Hubspot, two of the most well-known sales and marketing platforms. Google also offers credentials in the use of tools like Google Analytics and Google AdWords, both of which can help a sales professional become more effective at their work – and better able to communicate with other departments, like marketing.  


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