Sales and marketing skills open up a wide range of job opportunities, particularly in the fast-growing medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech fields. One promising job option is to work as an oncology territory manager. 

What Does an Oncology Territory Manager Do? 

Territory managers who specialize in oncology focus their work on products intended to treat or manage cancer. They may promote products to oncologists and their staff, answer questions from potential and current customers, and work to build strong ongoing business relationships. They may also take on an education role, teaching doctors and their staff how to use products to help their patients.  

Oncology territory managers must often work closely with teams within their own company as well. For instance, they may coordinate with financial and administrative workers. Often, they also cooperate within the sales and marketing departments to meet goals and develop new strategies.   

What Skills Do I Need to Succeed as an Oncology Territory Manager? 

Typically, a candidate for an Oncology Territory Manager position will have a four-year college degree. Experience in biopharmaceutical oncology or hematology sales is a must. Understanding hospital and large account sales and a history of sales success can help these professionals succeed on the job. 

As with other sales positions, Oncology Territory Managers need strong written and verbal communication and persuasion skills. They need to be good at building relationships. Passionate lifelong learners often do well in this role, since the job requires constant learning about customers’ needs, new products and techniques, and other information essential to the role.  

Where Can I Find Work as an Oncology Territory Manager?  

Medical companies that focus on the treatment of cancer need experienced, dedicated salespeople to build connections between the company and the doctors and patients its products are intended to help. Oncology territory managers are just one of the sales professionals who help build these connections, allowing essential products to reach people who can benefit from their use.  

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