The pharmaceutical field is constantly changing and growing. If you want a career that challenges you to learn new things, pharmaceutical sales can be a great choice.  

If you’re looking for resources to help you expand your pharmaceutical sales knowledge, try the following online sources.  


The National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives website, online courses, and testing tools help pharmaceutical sales reps, managers and trainers stay on top of the terminology and transformations within the pharmaceutical industry.  

The organization offers the well-recognized Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative (CNPR) Certification in pharmaceutical sales, which helps new pharmaceutical sales reps get a head start on their work. Member networking and support tools also help expand continuing education and make connections between new and veteran pharmaceutical sales reps. 

PharmaLessons provides online courses that cover a wide range of pharmaceutical and clinical topics. Courses can be taken towards certifications of various kinds, or they can be taken simply to expand one’s own knowledge and skill sets.  

PharmaLessons offers a number of courses free of charge, so pharmaceutical sales reps can determine whether the site’s format and topic coverage is a good fit for their learning styles before committing to a paid course.  


If you prefer to design your own learning experience, chasing down topics that interest you or focusing on one specific idea or niche at a time, FiercePharma is a great place to start.  

Known as one of the top pharmaceutical blogs on the Internet, FiercePharma brings together perspectives from pharmacists, clinicians, sales and marketing professionals, and other sources to provide insight on a wide range of hot topics in the pharmaceutical industry.  

For more information on the latest news, treatments, and breakthroughs, or for a deeper dive into today’s most pressing topics, FiercePharma offers information without the commitment of signing up for an entire online course.  

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