The holidays a time of gratitude. It also happens in the middle of the fall and winter holiday season, which means that holiday stress may be hitting your team as they struggle to meet the end of year goals. 

By using this time as an opportunity to appreciate and thank your team, you bring the spirit of the holiday into the office – and boost your team’s morale and commitment to meeting end of year goals.  

Use These Tips to Show Holiday Gratitude: 

Say “thank you” to each team member individually. 

Those two simple words go a long way, especially when they’re said directly to a team member in a one on one setting. Whether you send an email, write a card, or simply say the words, make sure you directly express your gratitude to each person on your team.  

Have a check-in conversation. 

The end of the year can be a good time to check in with employees. Where are they proud of their efforts this year? What do they want to do better? What can they improve upon with the time they have left? 

Keep this conversation light and informal. Instead of “performance review,” think “how can I help?” Engaging with how your team members work and plan is a direct expression of appreciation for their efforts.  

Give special gifts to top performers. 

These gifts don’t have to be tangible, although they can be. The gift of recognition in a mass email or newsletter also demonstrates your appreciation for your top performers. It shows them and everyone else on the team that hard work and dedication matter. 

Help your team grow. 

When you offer team members the chance to grow, learn and climb the career ladder, you communicate your appreciation, trust, and respect for their work. Help your team members visualize their next career step and break down specific goals to make it happen. Adding the right new talent to your team expresses appreciation, too. A team that is valued is one that its leaders support and cultivate by finding the right people to add to the mix.  

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