The winter holidays are full of distractions for sales professionals. There is often important end-of-year deadlines and goals to meet, yet there are also holiday events, family time, gifts and food to purchase, and more.  

To keep your medical sales team’s morale high, focus on these areas. 

Strike a Work-Life Balance 

The winter holidays demand additional attention to work-life balance as the tasks required of each one increase. Focusing on work-life balance for your team can boost morale, reduce the risk of burnout, and ensure key work tasks are completed. 

At this time, remote work, flexible schedules and other tools can help teams meet their business goals while also providing the winter holiday experience they want for their loved ones. 

Make Goals Clear 

Clarity in goal-setting helps a medical sales team succeed at any time of year. During the winter holiday season, however, clarity can be essential to avoiding dropped tasks or missed deadlines. 

When setting end of year goals, take extra care to make each goal measurable and to provide a clear deadline. Be available to help your team break down their assignments into clear, actionable steps. Clear goals with obvious criteria for success help keep morale high by providing clear signposts and a sense of accomplishment at each completed step. 

Increase Communication and Accountability 

Like clear goal-setting, increased communication during the winter holidays can help keep everyone on your team focused. It can also help them coordinate their efforts, especially at times when winter holiday vacations disrupt the ordinary flow of work. 

In addition to encouraging and engaging in increased communication, set up a means to track accountability among your team members. This process may be as simple as sending a daily afternoon email to the team, asking them to list one to three things they accomplished that day. Simply knowing they’ll be asked about what they did can help many sales professionals make sure they get their most important daily tasks done.  

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