The New Year often has people reconsidering their lives, goals, and habits. If self-reflection has got you thinking that it’s time to look for another job, here’s how to determine whether a career change needs to be among your 2021 resolutions. 

Is Finding a New Job Your New Years Resolution? Here Are Some Signs That It Should Be

You’re Bored at Work and There’s No Way Out 

Everyone finds their job tedious at times. If your entire job is boring, however, you may be looking for a promotion or move into a new position.  

It’s worth looking into career opportunities at your existing company before you jump into the job search. If you already know there are no options that excite or interest you – or that there are no openings at all – it’s time to look elsewhere. 

You Dread Going to Work 

Worse than boredom is a sense of actual dread at the thought of going to work. Negative feelings about your job steal the energy you need to do your work or grow your career. Over time, dread can lead to burnout. 

If you’re feeling dread about work, don’t hesitate to find out what other opportunities are available. Both your health and your career will benefit. 

Recruiters or Co-Workers Are Already Mentioning New Opportunities 

Good sales and marketing professionals often find themselves fielding queries from recruiters, or receiving recommendations from friends who know what job or employer would be “just perfect” for them. 

Professionals who are content with their jobs rarely heed or even remember these interactions. If you find that your ears perk up when the prospect of a new job is mentioned, indulge your curiosity and learn more. You may be glad you did.  

Changes Are Happening and You Don’t Trust Them 

Companies change and grow just like people – and just like a person, your company and you may grow apart after some time. If you don’t like the way your company is heading, consider looking for a company that’s growing in a way you can support. 

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