Every industry faces changes and challenges, and the pharmaceutical industry is no exception. For professionals in pharmaceuticals, doing the job well means staying on top of an ever-shifting pattern of trends and new ideas.

Want to succeed as a pharmaceutical sales rep? Here are the latest medical trends to stay up to date on to deliver the best results for your clients.

1. Telehealth is coming into its own.

The COVID-19 pandemic further accelerated early attempts to move certain types of patient care to a telehealth setting. Even as the pandemic wanes, healthcare providers are likely to continue relying on telehealth to provide more efficient and effective care in a number of settings.

Pharmaceutical sales reps who understand the dynamics of telehealth visits can better address clients’ concerns regarding telehealth and the prescribing or monitoring of medication.

2. We’re still managing the opioid crisis.

Opioid abuse withdrawal and management systems remain a major concern for a number of healthcare providers nationwide, as the fallout from the opioid crisis remains with a number of patients and communities.

Understanding how these programs work to help patients and their role in a wider system of patient healthcare – particularly in the treatment of chronic pain – can help pharmaceutical sales professionals better contextualize their own efforts as they work with medical providers.

3. Direct to consumer genetic testing is on its way.

For many years, genetic testing was a complex, expensive medical procedure whose use was limited to the few situations in which its benefits outweighed its costs.

Today, however, genetic testing is less fraught with complications than in the past. In fact, some genetic tests have become so simple and inexpensive to perform that direct-to-consumer versions are now available, reducing another barrier to better understanding and treatment of unique patients’ needs. The accessibility of genetic testing is likely to affect how healthcare providers prescribe and monitor pharmaceutical use.

4. Pop-up treatment center options are expanding.

The use of virtual reality in healthcare and of pop-up treatment centers is growing, particularly in rural areas, where the number of available hospitals has dropped dramatically in the past decade. Drawing connections between these tools and their own work can help pharmaceutical sales professionals better understand their field and their role within it.

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