The best pharmaceutical sales reps share a constellation of similar traits and skills. These abilities allow these professionals to rise above their colleagues and stand out in a fast-paced, competitive field.

When recruiting your next pharmaceutical sales rep, here are some of the qualities and qualifications to look for.

1. Organizational Skills

Time management, prioritization and similar skills all fall under this heading, and they are all essential to success as a pharmaceutical sales rep. Look for candidates who can organize their information and tasks efficiently and who are flexible when it comes to last-minute changes in their workday. Good time management skills allow these professionals to plan their day for maximum efficiency.

2. Ambition and Drive

The best pharmaceutical sales reps don’t need external motivators to get the job done. They’re driven by an internal sense of engagement and passion that pushes them to do their best, grow, learn, and exceed their prior accomplishments. Look for pharmaceutical sales reps who discuss their careers in terms of what they’ve learned, what they’ve accomplished, and where they want to go next.

3. Communication and Listening

The ability to express themselves effectively in print and in person is a must for sales professionals in all fields. Top pharmaceutical sales reps also thrive on their ability to listen and to put themselves in the shoes of their clients. Look for candidates who ask for clarification, summarize what they’ve heard, or otherwise demonstrate that they’re paying attention to your words and thinking about how to reach common ground based on what you say.

4. Scientific and Technical Knowledge

Good sales skills are essential for pharmaceutical sales professionals – but so is a clear understanding of what it is they’re being asked to sell or to educate clients about. Here, the best sales reps not only understand the products they’re offering, they also understand how to explain those products to a wide range of audiences, including both audiences with more scientific and technical knowledge and audiences with less knowledge.

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