When you’re looking for a new job in medical sales, researching all the available opportunities can be exciting. As you weigh various options and consider where to apply, however, you’ll also need to start planning how to communicate your own value to potential employers.

Before you can become a sales rep, you’ll need to be able to sell your own skills and value. Here’s how.

1. Put yourself in the employer’s shoes.

When the best salespeople meet with a prospective customer, they already know a great deal about the customer’s business. They’re familiar with the customer’s most common pain points, and they’re ready to help the customer understand how their offerings help address those key issues.

To prepare for a sales interview, take the same perspective. Research the company to learn what its needs and goals are in relation to sales. Think about your own skills and abilities, and be prepared to explain how what you know and what you’ve experienced helps address the company’s needs.

2. Align your discussion of your skills with their expectations.

The job posting is one of the best ways to know what an employer thinks their top needs in a salesperson are. To sell your own skills, consider speaking the employer’s language by framing your skills in the same terms used to discuss those skills in the job posting.

For example, if the job posting asks for “strong oral and written communication skills,” consider introducing these skills in your interview with the same terms: “When I address conflict, I rely strongly on my communication skills, both oral and written.” If a phrase sounds too awkward, you can substitute common synonyms, but keep the structure similar. For instance, you might say “I’m proud of my strong speaking and writing skills.”

3. Listen and respond thoughtfully.

When meeting a new customer, many salespeople take the opportunity to listen rather than talk. By asking thoughtful questions and then paying close attention to responses, you can gather a wealth of information about the customer’s needs.

The same is true in an interview. Come prepared with open-ended questions, like “What’s your favorite part of working here?” Then, listen to the answers and address them as you talk about your own skills.

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