A sales career is a journey of constant learning. For pharmaceutical sales reps, there’s always more to know about the industry, the research and breakthroughs being reached, and the products and services that pharmaceutical companies offer to their customers.

To succeed as a pharmaceutical sales rep, it’s important to stay on top of changing trends in your industry.

Here’s how to stay informed and deliver the best results to your clients.

1. Subscribe to trade journals and similar publications.

The pharmaceutical industry offers a number of trade journals, newsletters, and similar publications that provide not only recent news, but also perspectives and context for those news highlights. These publications are a great way to understand why new trends are emerging and how they might impact your clients. Publishing an article in a trade journal or newsletter can help advance your career, too.

2. Set alerts on your smartphone.

Many major news websites and search engines allow you to set alerts that focus on specific keywords. These alerts notify you whenever a news article addressing your keywords is published. If your goal is to stay on top of breaking news and the latest trends, news alerts can help.

3. Connect online or in person. 

LinkedIn groups, other forums for professional pharmaceutical sales reps, and conferences are all great ways to communicate with others in your field. You’ll gain the benefit of learning from a range of professional perspectives. By sharing your own perspective, you’ll also strengthen your professional connections.

4. Take time to think.

We live in an era of constant information inflow. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of news, information and data available. Don’t try to consume every piece of information related to pharmaceutical sales. Rather, look for one or two items per week, like an article or online forum thread. Think about how you could apply that information to better serve your own clients. If you know someone whose work could benefit from the information, consider sending it along.

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