Every sales professional knows that having the right team is essential to sales success. Finding the right people, however, can prove challenging.

Looking to grow your sales team? Here is how to pick the best sales talent to benefit your company and lead to you success.

Define “top talent” when it comes to success on your sales team.

It’s easy to say “We want to recruit only the best sales talent!” Unless you know what “best’ means to you, however, you’ll struggle to attract the quality candidates you want, or to make the best choice from among those top applicants.

Instead, ask “What does a salesperson need in order to thrive on our team? What traits, qualities and skills must they have in order to meet our most rigorous goals and expectations?” Examine the skills shared by the top salespeople you already have, and target these skills when searching for your next star salesperson.

Know what you offer.

No salesperson walks into a meeting with a potential customer without knowing their product or service and the benefits it can provide that customer. In the same way, no hiring manager should seek candidates without knowing what their department and company has to offer top talent.

It’s important to have a competitive compensation package in mind, but compensation is only the first step. Evaluate your team’s and company’s culture, mission, values and approach to work. Highlight these in job postings and other materials, so that candidates can evaluate whether your team and company are the right place for their career.

Seek help from a recruiting professional.

Many organizations struggle to attract top talent because recruiting is not their core endeavor. Sales departments, for example, excel at understanding their industry and building sales relationships. They spend most of their time honing these skills, rather than their recruiting skills.

A professional recruiter, however, spends their time building the skills necessary for good recruitment. They focus on recruiting relationships, understanding the hiring industry, and developing an eye for what makes a particular salesperson thrive in a particular work environment. Team up with a recruiter to gain the benefits of their expertise.

The recruiters at SMR Group understand how valuable the right sales talent can be when it comes to sales success. That’s why we’re dedicated to pairing our clients in the medical device, biotech and pharmaceutical industries with some of the best sales and marketing talent available nationwide. Contact us today to learn more.

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