This is a loaded, and somewhat vague, question. I’m sure we’ve all tried to answer it at some point and probably come away empty.

There are valid answers, however, and you came to the right place to get them.

I think it’s fair to say that staffing professionals, in general, would concur that the sooner you find the right candidate for any open position, the better.

Keywords here being “the right candidate.” When sourcing salespeople in a massive labor market, the ability to recruit and hire the right candidate, in a reasonable time frame, is critical.

In this brief post you will learn some common reasons for lengthy hiring times, along with some very effective ways to deal with them.

Job board giant Indeed provides some general information on hiring timeframes:

  • Week One: Submitting An Application
  • Week Two: The Screening Process
  • Week Three: Scheduling An In-Person Interview
  • Week Four: Attending The In-Person Interview
  • Weeks Five And Six: Follow-Up Interview
  • Week Seven: Meeting Upper Management
  • Week Eight: Receiving The Job Offer

These are clearly not hard and fast timeframes, but they are reasonably in line with the industry.

Another interesting statistic from resume builder Zety. They point out that on average, corporate job offerings will follow a familiar pattern:

  • Approximately 250 Resumes Will Be Received
  • Four To Six Applicants Will Be Interviewed
  • One Candidate Will Be Offered A Job

Does this all sound rather daunting?

The hiring process can be difficult, complex, frustrating and time-consuming. But only if you let it!

As a hiring manager, how can you mitigate the risks associated with lengthy hiring times?

Engage a laser-focused, highly successful, experienced staffing agency.

You may be able to reduce your hiring times as much as 90%.

Sales positions can be the most difficult positions to fill for staffing professionals. At SMR we are focused on sourcing the perfect sales candidate for your unique job requirement. We have the experience, technology and tools to do it quickly and efficiently.

We leverage state-of-the-art Applicant Tracking System (ATS) SaaS tools and proven recruiting process automation workflows on your behalf.

Most importantly though, we have been placing sales professionals exclusively for over 25 years!

Can we help you streamline your hiring process? We’re waiting to assist you, so why not call today?

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