OK, so we’ve all been here before. You’re on the job boards and the social portals applying for multiple jobs per day. These are jobs that seem to fit your skillset, experience, and education.

It’s just a matter of time, right?


Don’t take it personally, and don’t fall into the trap of getting despondent. Focus on becoming a stronger candidate. Remember, your goal is to make an impression on the hiring managers and recruiters out there.

You will come away from this post with a better understanding of the top five reasons that you’re not getting responses and job offers from prospective employers.

Your perfect job offer is waiting. Are you ready to go get it?    

Let’s start with the basics. Put yourself in the shoes of a hiring manager. Your job is to identify, hire and retain top talent for every open position. You’re busy and you’re under pressure. You’re looking for candidates who stand out in the crowd.  

The takeaway?

You need to stand out.

But How?

 Follow these simple guidelines to stand out as a more viable job candidate: 

  1. Identify the right job source. Depending on your situation you may be more suited to be on the job boards, social media, or with a staffing agency. One thing is for sure; if you’re not in the right place, you won’t stand out.
  2. Online presence is critical. This includes your resume, social media, etc. Seek professional help with your resume. For around $200 you can engage a professional resume writer. This will be money extremely well spent!
  3. Look for opportunities that match your skillset as closely as possible
  4. Showcase your skills. Don’t be shy about your accomplishments. Job searching is one of the most important times to show confidence and pride in your skills, knowledge, and education. If you don’t demonstrate your greatest strengths and accomplishments, you may be overlooked for a role you are otherwise well-suited for.
  5. This is the most important tip, so pay close attention! Engage a professional recruiting agency.

Why is it so important to engage a professional staffing agency? 

The answer is simple. We are laser-beam focused on your job search.

When you become one of our valued clients, we know exactly who you are. We also know the companies that are looking for someone exactly like you.

Let us help you turn your job search into a success.

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