You’ve made the move. You’ve accepted the sales position with the awesome new company. Congratulations! According to The Ladders, “Studies have shown that workers who stay with a company for longer than two years are getting paid up to 50% less than new hires.”

We’ve all been there. Changing jobs is always a bit of a challenge. Transitions can be intimidating. They can also be time-consuming. 

Let’s face it, transitioning into a new sales job and a new corporate culture can take you out of your game if you’re not careful.       

Well, we have some good news! With a little bit of planning and a few tips, you can make your employment transition time quicker and more seamless. 

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In this post you’ll learn three must-have tips to follow when starting a new sales job:

  • Have a Plan
  • Come Up to Speed Quickly on Systems and Processes
  • Orient Yourself to the Newco’s Products and Services

Have a Plan!

Know your market, territory, and prospects. If you’re planning on bringing your old clients to the new company, start that process right away. 

You’ve already checked any non-compete and non-disclosure agreements that might stand in the way of this process. If you’re in the clear, start the transition by getting your old clients into the new company’s sales order system, especially with established credit limits.     

You know what it takes to meet sales quotas! Have clear, achievable goals in mind for your first week, month, and quarter. Set these objectives for phone calls, demos, customer visits, and deals! 

Come Up to Speed on Systems and Processes

Don’t waste any time taking full advantage of all available resources. You will no doubt go through an official onboarding and training process with the hiring manager and/or human resources team. Take full advantage of this process. 

Maximize your onboarding time by asking questions and diving in. Remember, there’s no time to waste!

Above all, stay close to your management team. You want this relationship to be rock-solid from the outset. Communicate any course corrections, issues with quota/deal slippage, etc., to your management team immediately. Try to stay in the chain of command and always be open and honest.      

Orient Yourself to the Newco’s Products and Services

Use the new company’s inside sales, tech support, and technical sales resources to come up to speed with your product knowledge skills, starting day one.

Knowledge is power! The quicker you can articulate and demonstrate your new company’s value proposition, the quicker you can start hitting your goals. 

Last but not least, spend time with the most successful account executives. Find out what it takes to be successful with your new company from the insiders.  

Follow these few simple tips and you should be on your way to a successful tenure in your new sales job!

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