Is there a special process for recruiting medical sales reps? 

Yes and no. Hiring specialists, especially salespeople, can be a challenging task. But if you know where to look, and follow a few straightforward guidelines, you can significantly streamline the recruiting and hiring process.   

In this post you’ll learn four easy tips to help you recruit top medical sales reps:

  • Sell Your Company and Brand
  • Be Open and Candid
  • Have a Transition Plan
  • Build Confidence 

Knowing where to look for these top producers is half the battle. At SMR Group, we know where the top medical sales producers are. We have their resumes, and we know who’s looking for new opportunities. Call us today at 908-789-2001, or get in touch with us online.   

Selling your company and your brand is key

Your company’s size is not as important as your brand and your reputation. Top producers have to have a reason to change jobs. You will need to clearly articulate why it makes sense for them to join your sales team.

What unique products and services does your company represent? What is your business value to your clients? What is your unique business value or opportunity for the sales rep? What makes your brand attractive?

Sell the candidate just like you would sell to one of your clients!

Be candid about your company’s strengths and weaknesses

Being open about your sales support infrastructure, expense policies, territories, comp plans, etc., will help you gain the candidate’s trust. 

Gaining the candidate’s trust is half the battle. Remember, you’re interviewing a person who reads people for a living, so be open. 

Talk about your transition plan

This will include the overall compensation plan, retirement and health benefits, sales cycle expectations, products, territories, etc. Let the candidate know that you expect a transition period for them to ramp their sales. Ask for their input and let them know you have their back.

Once you both agree on a realistic and reasonable transition plan, you can move forward to an offer.     

Now you’re ready to start building the candidate’s confidence in your company 

As a sales leader, you want to make sure they understand that you are here to support the top producers with the tools and infrastructure they need to knock it out of the park! 

Make sure they have 100% confidence that sales leadership recognizes the value of senior sales talent. They need to know you’re there to support them.   

Medical sales rep salaries range from $49,000 – $140,000. According to LinkedIn there are roughly 12,000 jobs currently posted on the platform. Competition is fierce for the top performers, but we have good news…

If you’re a hiring manager or human resources professional with a medical sales rep job search, or searches, underway we can help!

At SMR Consultants, we help job-seekers just like you find that perfect candidate every day!

Call us today at 908-789-2001, or get in touch online. Our expert recruiters are waiting for your call.

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