Staying relevant as a top-performing sales rep can be difficult in the always shifting healthcare landscape.   

The medical sales field is an ultra-competitive profession.

It can also be an extremely rewarding career. According to CRM giant Hubspot the average total compensation for medical sales reps is currently $149,544. 

You can never afford to stand still, and competition can be fierce. But with a few tips, some personal discipline, and smart work habits, you can get to the top and stay there!  

In this post, we’ll discuss three simple ways to stay at the top of your sales game: 

  • Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Medical Technology 
  • Network, Network, Network!
  • Maintain Solid Relationships with Customers and Prospects

First things first. Stay up-to-date with the latest technology in medicine. Medical technology is constantly evolving. Staying current with industry trends can give sales reps a competitive edge. Know what’s coming down the pipeline before your competition does. 

So how do you keep up? Here are a few simple suggestions that will definitely help:

  • Browse Your Industry Journals Weekly for Relevant Articles and Info 
  • Attend Relevant Conferences and Trade Shows 
  • Network With Colleagues and Clients on B2B Sites Like Linkedin 

You’re a busy account executive, but just these three tips will catapult you ahead of most of your competitors.

Always be networking!

Networking, generally speaking, is about building relationships with people in your space.

It’s not just about finding job opportunities, although that can be one of the benefits. Smart, consistent networking with sales peers, colleagues, clients, and potential new clients will produce tangible sales results.     

Used LinkedIn to network online. Attend those tradeshows and seminars to meet your online connections face-to-face. And make sure you network with at least one new prospect at every physical event.

Maintain Relationships with Customers and Prospects

Sales professionals need to always maintain strong relationships with their clients, suspects, and prospects. Stay in touch with your entire contact database, and especially your clients.

Use your CRM and LinkedIn to stay in contact. CRM’s can get somewhat time-intrusive if you’re not careful. But they are great tools to create new suspects and prospects. Use LinkedIn and your CRM for automated messaging campaigns, email drip campaigns, etc. These are known as messaging automation platforms, or MAPS.

That’s it! You can see that with this simple regimen of a few tasks, you can go a long way toward staying at the top of your game in medical sales.    

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