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There are a ton of sales tools out there and more are getting released all the time. Given the massive array of options, it can be difficult to figure out which tools are best for your sales team.

In this post, you’ll learn which tools are the most essential for 2021, 2022 and beyond:

  • Salesforce
  • Zoom
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Autoklose
  • EmailAnalytics

While CRM tools are critical, they’re not the only type of resource that can make sales reps more efficient. If you’re looking to step up your sales game as we exit the COVID pandemic, consider these very useful tools.


Any list of essential sales tools wouldn’t be complete without listing Salesforce. This CRM platform is considered the gold standard for a reason. It is extremely customizable and allows for the creation of extremely detailed reports that expertly highlight key insights.

A main drawback with Salesforce is the price tag. When you consider that getting the most out of this powerful tool requires a lot of training, it’s easy to see how the platform can be a massive investment.


The world went remote in 2020 and with it came a crash course in Zoom. Whether you grew to love it or you got Zoomed Out, there’s no denying that it can be a powerful business tool. Available on mobile devices, Zoom let you video call and conference from wherever you can get a signal. Zoom is also a great tool for training and boosting collaboration.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Boasting more than 450 million users, LinkedIn is an invaluable resource for your sales team and the social media platform also offers a number of sales-specific tools.

The Sales Navigator tool makes prospecting sales easier by suggesting leads, providing real-time sales updates and offering access to advanced search features.


This engagement platform and B2B database allows you to automate email campaigns in just a few simple steps, individualize outreach, develop and validate email lists and track reply rates.

This platform has been used by executives, sales reps and marketing teams to focus on, interact with and expand their prospective customers. Search filters let you sort prospects based on your target market and reach out to them through the Autoklose app. This is an effective tool for monitor the performance of both individual campaigns and the entire sales team.


The average sales professional spends at least one-fifth of their day an email, and if you don’t know what your team is spending that much time on, it creates a massive black hole of information.

EmailAnalytics provides you with insight into the efficiency of your team’s email activity using easy-to-understand visualizations. The platform allows you to keep an eye on email response time, which is an essential performance metric. You can also view the number of emails you team send and receive each day, their busiest periods, as well as most common senders and recipients.

We Can Help You Match Talent to Your Tools

At SMR Group, we understand the tools are useless without people who know how to use them. Please reach out to us today to find out how we can provide your company with the sales talent it needs.

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