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With the COVID-19 pandemic slowly fading into the rearview mirror, record numbers of people are quitting their jobs and taking a new job with a different employer.

One of the many things the pandemic did was to unleash a tsunami of employee turnover. Many people who were planning on finding a new job in 2020 instead stuck to the security of the job they had. The pandemic also normalize remote working, and with companies bringing their employees back to the office five days a week, some people are quitting in favor of a hybrid or fully-remote situation.  The pandemic also made some people reassess their priorities, and in doing so, some have found the job they have just isn’t working for them.

In addition to making sure their best people don’t leave for greener grass, employers should also be looking to take advantage of The Great Resignation.

In this post, you’ll learn a few ways to take advantage of The Great Resignation:

  • Offering flexibility and the option to work remotely
  • Updating compensation packages
  • Embracing Inclusivity

If you are looking to land the best talent out there for your sales team, consider the following tips.

Offer Flexibility

By nature, most sales jobs are quite flexible. However, people in general are expecting more flexibility given the possibilities of remote work.

In a recent Microsoft survey, more than 70 percent of employees said they wanted to continue with their flexible, remote work situation. As companies come to grips with current attitudes around remote work, they realize that offering the ability to work remotely and in a non-traditional schedule leads to a substantial advantage when it comes to hiring top talent. Studies have shown people are now actively seeking employment opportunities that allow them to work either fully remote or in a hybrid situation.

Offer Competitive Compensation

Driven by labor shortages, wages are increasing at some of the fastest rates in years. Thanks to structural changes in the labor market, a massive wave of retirements brought on by the pandemic and talk of inflation, a vast majority of businesses are having to boost their pay and benefits programs. Companies looking to grab the best talent out there need to make certain that their pay is competitive and their benefits speak to a broad range of backgrounds. For example, Millennial employees with children may prioritize attractive health insurance and retirement plans, while older generations may be purely focused on salary.

Provide an Inclusive Culture

While the pandemic put a spotlight on the things we value most, the Black Lives Matter movement triggered a massive rethink of how we support people in disadvantaged groups. Inclusiveness from a modern employer is now more expected than ever.

Top companies create environments that welcome employee voices from many different backgrounds. In addition to matching modern expectations, companies that provide supportive and inclusive environments are also much more likely see lower turnover and higher productivity than business that don’t prioritize inclusivity.

We Can Help You Through the Great Resignation

At SMR Group, we understand that the challenging times unleashed by COVID-19 aren’t over. Please contact us today to find out how we can help your company handle the current turnover tsunami.

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