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The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t invent remote work or virtual gathering spaces, but it has brought these activities and the technologies supporting them into our everyday lives. The future of business is likely to look different than the way sales teams did business before 2020.

Fortunately, many of these changes can benefit sales professionals, their managers and the companies they represent.

Here are several sales strategies that are adapting to a world during and after the global pandemic.

Cultivate existing relationships.

 Sales professionals have long focused on finding new customers and closing new deals. Nearly two years into the pandemic, however, many sales teams are discovering new benefits in the time they spend connecting to existing customers, too.

Customers’ priorities have changed as a result of the pandemic. By spending time learning about these changed priorities, sales teams can respond to them more effectively, helping them maintain existing relationships and understand more about building new ones.

Build compelling online communications.

Certain aspects of remote work and socially-distanced communication proved to be highly beneficial for sales teams and customers alike. These aspects aren’t likely to disappear even after the pandemic, so it’s important to focus on building virtual communication skills into one’s sales skill set.

Choosing the right tools, practicing good communication skills, and being highly responsive can help sales professionals respond to changes in business. A solid foundation of digital communication skills can help sales teams ensure they stay connected to their customers, understand their leads’ concerns, and put themselves in the right space to close the sale, even when that space is a virtual one.

Know when to reach out.

Social distancing caused a sense of physical isolation, but it also created a sense of shared purpose and community. Many professionals learned that they didn’t have to feel alone, even at great distances.

In the future, this sense of distance combined with closeness is likely to translate to a renewed commitment to building teams and seeking assistance from experts in other fields. When seeking new talent for a sales team, for instance, managers may avail themselves of the knowledge and experience of a staffing professional.

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