When Is the Best Time to Source Top Talent? SMR Group


Sales and marketing teams rely on outstanding talent to support one another and meet their goals. Certain pain points indicate that it’s an ideal time to locate top talent and add new members to your team.

It may be time to source top sales talent when:

Your team needs a top-quality teammate.

When quality of hire is a must, sourcing mediocre talent won’t do. Teams that are lagging, that seem to have lost their passion for sales and marketing, or that need a fresh perspective also need a top-quality teammate. Turn to an experienced recruiter when you need the best possible new addition to your team.

Hiring costs have become onerous.

An extended time to fill a position represents a loss of revenues. Hiring ROI and turnover costs can impose additional burdens on a sales or marketing department budget. When costs are an issue, it’s worth focusing on top talent in order to ensure you find the right person to fill the role – and to stay with your team long-term.

You’re losing opportunities.

Missed client connections, business opportunities that slip through your fingers, or a decrease in sales and marketing effectiveness all call for a new approach to the team’s goals. Top candidates can provide the experience, insight, and fresh perspective your sales or marketing team needs in order to identify and seize opportunities that are currently passing them by.

You need to plan for your team’s future.

Do you have the people you need to fill leadership roles in five years? In ten years? Twenty years? Succession planning is essential to long-term success in sales and marketing, yet the people you have today may not represent your best opportunities for success in the coming decades. When it’s time to build a team who can handle the future, it’s time to turn to top talent.

When it’s time to source top talent, don’t go it alone.

The experienced recruiters at SMR Group connect our clients in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology industries with some of the best sales and marketing talent available. Contact us today to learn more.

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