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Sales and marketing are big fields, with a lifetime’s worth of information and skills to learn. Leaders who build their team’s sales and marketing skills help their teams face both anticipated and unexpected challenges. They also give their teams the necessary confidence and support to do their jobs well.

Here’s how to evaluate your skill-building activities and help your team reach the next level:

Be clear on your sales values and communicate them to your team.

Your team’s values communicate the why of great sales and marketing. They help teams draw connections between the what and how of their work and its impact on the team, the department, the company, and the world.

Take time to articulate the core values you want your team to express in their sales and marketing work. Then, communicate these values to your team. Ask for feedback on how your team sees these values implemented in their work and how they think they can improve that implementation.

Make training part of the job.

Many sales managers think of training as a nice extra–or worse, as an exasperating distraction from the “real work” of sales and marketing.

In fact, training and learning need to be an ongoing part of the job, as meaningful as making new connections or closing a sale. When teams expect to learn and grow constantly, they start to look for ways to get that learning as part of their ordinary work.

Incorporate training and learning opportunities into the workday. Ask your team what they want to learn, and help them find ways to gain those skills.

Add new talent when your team needs it.

Learning is vital for sales and marketing teams, but no one can learn effectively when they are overwhelmed, overworked, or burnt out. To ensure your team has the capacity to do its best work and learn new skills, add talent when needed to distribute the workload and bring new perspectives onto the team.

Building Your Sales Team and Need the Best Talent?

Sales and marketing teams thrive when they’re learning and refining skills in the process of helping customers. To build an effective team, don’t hesitate to reach out to an effective recruiter. The team at SMR Group Ltd. specializes in connecting our clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries with some of the best sales and marketing talent available. Contact us today to learn more.

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