Hiring in Sales is Hotter Than Ever. How Can You Find the Perfect Fit? SMR Group


As job-seekers know, the “Great Resignation” has really been a great reshuffling, as workers in every industry seek a role and company that offer a better fit for their career goals. If you’re looking for the right fit, you’re not alone – but with so many job opportunities available, finding the right fit can feel overwhelming.

Here’s how to compare job openings in order to find the perfect fit for your goals and skills.

Know your priorities.

What’s a “must have” in your perfect-fit role? What’s a “nice to have”? What’s an “avoid at all costs”?

To find your ideal fit, you’ll need to know what that fit looks like. Take some time to list what you liked and disliked most in previous jobs. Look for patterns or clues in your lists to indicate what your priorities are in your dream job.

Examine your strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to knowing what your ideal role looks like, it’s also important to know your own strengths and weaknesses. Your priority list can provide some clues. For example, if you dread meetings in every job you’ve ever had, ask yourself why: Do you dislike speaking in groups? Do you hate feeling like you’re wasting time? Or is there some other reason?

When in doubt, ask for an outside perspective. A trusted friend or colleague may be able to pinpoint a strength or weakness you overlook.

Ask for examples and evidence.

Any role can sound like your dream job on paper. But only the role that comes through in practice will really be the perfect fit.

When asking about aspects of a new job, look for examples and evidence that what is described in the job description or touted by the interviewer is really the case. For instance, if the interviewer promises ample remote work, check out the offices: Is every desk filled, or is there evidence that some of the team is on the road, even in the middle of a busy workday?

Build your own team.

Finding the right job fit is about knowing yourself and your industry. For an additional perspective, talk to colleagues who know you and your work. A professional recruiter can provide valuable insight on your preferred industries as well.

Looking for the right opportunity?

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