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You set the goals. You communicated them to your team. You’re available to provide guidance and answer questions. Yet every time you check on your team’s progress…crickets.  

Sound familiar? If your team has a clear set of goals yet consistently fails to meet them, the problem may be a lack of team buy-in.  

Does Building a Buy-In Help Your Team Meet Sales Goals?

Why Does Team Buy-In Matter?  

Simply put: Humans are better at achieving goals if the goal is personal to them in some way.  

When a goal is personal, it matters. Each person on the team has a reason to get it done. Each team member finds their own reward in reaching each milestone. Because team members have an intrinsic drive to reach the goal, they motivate themselves to do the work.  

3 Ways to Create Buy-In 

Lack of team buy-in can be caused by a number of issues. Here’s where to start examining the lack of buy-in on your team and how to address it. 

  • What happens when a task or project fails? Teams that fear punishment, such as demotion, lost pay, or harsh criticism, are often afraid to show buy-in even if they are interested in the project. 
  • What authority is required to do the work – and does your team have it? Stress is often defined as lacking the resources to address the task at hand. When teams don’t have the authority to do what they need to reach a goal, they experience stress, not buy-in. 
  • Do you demonstrate the goal is important – and does your team agree? If you don’t prioritize a goal, neither will your team. If your team doesn’t understand why the goal matters, they will set it aside for goals whose importance they do understand.  

Where to Turn for Help 

Generating team buy-in can be a tricky proposition. If the problem relates to a lack of time or faltering team culture, however, your recruiter may be able to help you address it. 

Have You Created Buy-In to Help Your Team Meet Sales Goals?

Every team has an easier time reaching its goals when team members have the support they need from one another. If you’re looking for sales and marketing talent, talk to the recruiters at SMR Group Ltd. We specialize in connecting our clients to the best biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device sales and marketing professionals available. Contact us today to learn more.  

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