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From clinical trials to treatment for both common and rare conditions, the patient experience drives patients’ behavior and choices – and thus has a profound impact on pharmaceutical companies work. Hiring the right people in every department has an impact on the patient experience.

Here’s why your choice of candidates matters to patients.

1. Patients interact with people, not corporations. 

From the patient’s perspective, obtaining needed medication is about relationships. Patients talk to their doctors or work directly with liaisons in clinical trials. They ask questions of their pharmacists. They reach out to pharmaceutical companies to find a person who can help them. To each patient, each of these people has a name and a face. A patient’s trust depends on that person-to-person relationship.

With the right people on your team, these relationships grow and strengthen. Patients trust the company because they trust the people who work for the company. Patients may also trust the company because people they trust, like their doctor or pharmacist, trust the company.

2. Sales and marketing teams form an essential link between patients and the medications they need. 

Sales or marketing teams may never talk to patients directly. But as an essential communications link between the patient and the company, these professionals have a profound effect on the patient experience.

Patients don’t always see this link. They may think of treatment as a conversation between themselves and their doctors. When a doctor cannot rely on a pharma company’s teams, however, the doctor loses opportunities to help the patient – which can, in turn, lead to poorer outcomes for patients and poorer experiences.

3. Patients need information. Sales and marketing professionals provide it. 

Patients are often well-versed in how to live with their conditions. Yet they may lack information on the treatments and options available to improve the life they have. When pharmaceutical hiring teams choose the right sales and marketing professionals, they improve their ability to provide this information. Patients, in turn, have a better experience when they are informed and included in the knowledge available.

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