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The hiring process is a sales process. Your resume works as an early sales or briefing document, while your interview is a chance to make your presentation and build important relationships.

Sales professionals know their skills are being scrutinized in an interview. Here are dos and don’ts for putting your sales skills to work during the interview process – and landing the job.

How to Properly Sell Your Skills in an Interview

Do your research.

You wouldn’t try to sell a new medical device or medication to a healthcare professional without understanding the product or its applications. Similarly, it’s important to sell your own skills in the context of the company with which you are interviewing. Learn what the company sells, but also learn its pain points – and tie your own abilities to these points to demonstrate solutions.

Don’t assume your sales approach is one size fits all.

Every company approaches sales differently. As part of your research, look at the sales cycle, growth opportunities for the company, and industry trends. How does the marketing team talk about their products, and where do they do it? How are sales staff expected to interact with customers – in person, over the phone, via email? Does the company provide leads, or are you making cold calls? Adapt your discussion of your own skills to fit these processes.

Do build a relationship. 

Sales is all about relationship-building. Many of the best salespeople enter every conversation seeking to listen and learn, rather than to sell or speak. These invaluable skills can also help you communicate during an interview. As you answer questions, ask related questions to better understand the company’s and interviewer’s perspective.

Don’t try to run the conversation. 

The urge to rely on a strong personality can be overwhelming for some salespeople, but it’s the wrong tone to set for most interviews. Instead, think of your own answers to questions as part of your overall sales pitch. Without your clear, thoughtful answers, the interviewer won’t have the information they need to reassure themselves that a job offer is the right choice.

Ready For Your Next Interview?

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