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Sales professionals interested in pharmaceutical, biotech, or medical device work can find dozens of job postings online on any given day. Many of these jobs may sound promising – but which employer will be the right fit for you?

Here’s how to evaluate employers as you navigate the job search process.

What Key Characteristics Should You Look For in a Sales Employer?

Are the job description and application instructions clear?

An employer that fills its job descriptions with typos uses only vague descriptions, or fails to explain how to apply isn’t likely to help you do your job well, either. In the worst cases, these signs may point to an actual scam.

Trust your hunches when it comes to communication. If you find the job posting easy to read and follow, chances are good that you and the employer communicate on the same wavelength.

Does the employer respect your time? 

While looking at job postings and applications, look for indicators of a hiring timeline. “We’ll contact our chosen applicants for an interview within two weeks,” for instance, indicates that the employer is serious about the hiring process. Receiving communication within the promised time indicates that the employer respects your time and effort as a professional.

You wouldn’t bother with a date who ghosted you – don’t waste your time and effort on an employer who does, either.

Can you picture yourself working effectively in the employer’s workspace? 

During the interview process, take time to look around the employer’s offices or workspace. Is the equipment up to date? Do people have adequate space? How are the noise and light levels?

Ask yourself whether this is an environment in which you could do your best work. If not, chances are good that the employer’s culture won’t support your efforts, either.

Do you have a rapport with the people you meet? 

Your comfort level with the people you meet should match or exceed your comfort level with the workspace. Ask the same questions: Do I feel I can communicate effectively with these people? Do their attitudes seem like they’d support my best work?

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