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The Internet made it easier than ever for top candidates to search and compare job postings. Yet it’s also raised job-seekers’ standards when reading job postings. As candidates see more postings, they develop a list of criteria for promising jobs – and a list of things that will cause them to click away instead of applying.

To attract top talent, companies need to meet applicants’ expectations from the start. Here are the top three things today’s job candidates expect to see in a job posting.

What Should Candidates Expect When Reading a Job Posting?

1. Emphasis on required skills. 

In today’s rapidly-shifting work world, traditional career ladders are crumbling. Instead, they’re being replaced by skill-building. The job a candidate had five or ten years ago may be obsolete, but their skills have continued to develop.

Job postings that focus on old notions of title and role development tend to repel candidates who know it’s their skills, not their titles, that drive their efforts. Focus on needed skills to find candidates who can do the job well – and who can adapt to changing conditions.

2. Clarity about pay and benefits. 

Candidates are no longer satisfied with vague promises like “competitive salary” or “pay commensurate with experience.” Top candidates know what their work is worth, and they don’t trust employers who don’t demonstrate the same knowledge.

Instead of handwaving away these questions, offer a proposed salary range and a clear list of benefits. Candidates who find the deal a fair one are more likely to apply – and to say yes when offered the role.

3. Reasons to work for your organization. 

“What’s in it for me?” isn’t just a question for hiring managers. It’s also the question every job-seeker asks as they read a job posting.

To grab job-seekers attention and encourage them to apply, focus on the elements that set your company apart from similar workplaces. Do your teams support each other no matter what? Are you committed to encouraging experimentation, even if it leads to temporary failures? Do you support a wide range of remote, hybrid, and in-person work styles? Emphasize what sets your team apart and attract candidates who offer a great fit for that culture.

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