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The winter holiday season is a busy one. No matter which holidays you celebrate or how elaborate your preparations, everyone has events to attend, busy stores to navigate, and plans to make for the coming year.

Job-hunting during the busy winter holiday season can feel like one more task on an already overfilled plate. With the help of an experienced recruiter, however, this season may be the most productive time of year to look for a new role. Here’s what job-seekers need to know.

Are You Looking For a Job This Holiday Season?

Employers are looking for new hires in the winter holiday months. 

November and December are busy months for winter holidays. They’re also the months that employers spend taking stock of the previous year and determining which roles they need to fill in the next year.

In other words, employers are looking for new hires. Put your name and resume in now, and you’ll be top of mind at this crucial moment.

Hiring managers have time to think about hiring.

Many hiring managers wind down certain activities in the last months of the year. They know they’ll need that time to wrap up year-end reports, balance budgets, and focus on hiring.

That’s right – these are the months when hiring managers want to spend time reviewing resumes and scheduling interviews. Take advantage of their engagement by staying engaged in the job search yourself.

Many job-seekers will ignore this advice.

The data proves that companies are more interested in hiring during the last few months of the year, and that they are more flexible about scheduling interviews during that time. Despite this, many job-seekers won’t step up their job search game. Instead, they’ll take their usual holiday vacations with family, intent on restarting their search in January.

This means that competition for newly-posted jobs drops sharply in the winter holiday months. Every job-seeker out there has to work less to prove their skill – and gets more attention from curious employers.

Ready to Job Hunt This Holiday Season?

Looking for a job during the busy winter holiday season? Look no further. The experienced recruiters at SMR Group Ltd. connect sales and marketing professionals to great job opportunities and employers throughout the United States. If you’re looking for a new role in the medical device, biotech, or pharmaceutical industries, contact us today to learn more.

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