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Unemployment may have reached record lows, but the demand for contract-based marketing professionals hasn’t slowed down. Contract work provides benefits to both marketing professionals and the companies they serve – when the arrangement is a thoughtful one.

Here are several questions that can help you decide if contract marketing work is the right choice for you.

Is Contract Marketing the Right Move For You?

Do you have a niche skill set – or have you always wanted to develop one?

Contract marketing professionals are typically hired for specific projects – tasks the company desperately needs to complete, but that no one on their core team has the skills to do well.

Marketing is a highly diverse field, and no marketing professional is equally skilled at all tasks or topics. If you’ve honed your abilities in a particular area or you want to boost your resume with experience on a specific topic or project, contract work might be right for you.

Do you enjoy tackling new challenges on a regular basis?

Some marketing roles are the same thing day in and day out – and some marketing professionals thrive in that routine.

If you love taking on new challenges, however, you may enjoy contract work. Contracts for a defined period tell you exactly how long you’ll be focused on a particular project or task. Once that work is done, you’re free to choose your next challenge.

Have you ever wanted to “try before you accept” when it comes to job offers?

If you’ve ever taken a job only to realize it’s the wrong fit, you may wish that professional roles came with a “free trial period” like subscriptions. Contract work offers that trial period.

A contract allows you to work with an employer and their teams for a set period. If you discover you love the culture and work approach, you have a foot in the door if you want to apply for a long-term job. If it’s the wrong fit, you know exactly when the work ends – and you don’t have to go back.

Looking For a Contract Marketing Job?

Whether you’re considering a shift to the marketing field or simply need to take your next step in a flourishing marketing career, you don’t have to go it alone. Talk to the recruiters at SMR Group Ltd. today. Our recruiting team specializes in connecting skilled marketing and sales professionals to some of the best career opportunities in the biotech, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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