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Digital marketing is a relatively new field, but it’s already a staple of pharmaceutical marketing. Here are the top pharmaceutical digital marketing trends that will drive digital efforts in 2023.

What Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing Trends Will There Be in 2023?

Rethinking Value Propositions

Some of the biggest changes in pharmaceutical marketing are driven by marketing teams’ efforts to rethink and reimagine their value propositions.

In 2023, rethinking value propositions will be a popular activity, leading to results like:

  • Stiffer competition among pharmaceutical companies
  • Clear leaders and laggers in key areas
  • Patient-centric communication of drug-related information

Rethinking value propositions may unlock new, unexpected results as well. This trend is thus one of the most exciting to watch in the coming year.

Patient-Centered Approaches Permeate Healthcare – Including Pharma Marketing

Patient-centric healthcare has become a top trend throughout the industry. In recent years, pharmaceutical companies have typically restricted their patient-centric transformations to activities like clinical trials and drug assistance programs, which tend to have the most direct patient contact.

In 2023, however, the patient-centric model expands to include every aspect of a pharma company, including its sales and marketing teams. Marketers will rethink their approach from the perspective of patients, incorporating new understandings of patient journeys and their intersections with providers, pharmacies, and payers. In doing so, pharma marketing teams have an opportunity to improve the patient experience and build long-lasting customer relationships.

Embracing Social Media as a Marketing Sphere for Pharmaceuticals

Over the last 20 years, social media has expanded from a niche curiosity to a world of its own. While nearly every industry has embraced social media marketing, pharmaceutical companies have lagged behind.

That gap in adoption will close in 2023, as pharma-related social media marketing comes into its own. These efforts come at an ideal time, as social media users develop a renewed sense of interest and urgency surrounding their own health in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pharma marketers that embrace the opportunity to reach social media audiences will find receptive customers.

Are You Ready for These Trends in 2023?

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