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COVID-19 continues to sweep through the US population, driven by relaxed standards for masking, social distancing, and quarantine. This year’s flu strains are predicted to be particularly tough as well. Meanwhile, the rise of RSV is taking a particular toll on children – but the virus can sideline even healthy adults who have had only limited exposure to it in the past few years.

Here’s what sales managers can do to help protect their teams in a rough cold and flu season.

How Are You Keeping Your Team Safe from Cold and Flu Season?

Embrace Remote Work

Remote and hybrid work options allowed many sales teams to keep going when the pandemic began. Today, many sales professionals are comfortable with remote work tools.

Remote options can help stop the spread of a virus through your workplace by placing physical distance between team members without isolating them from professional collaboration. Consider implementing a deliverables-based system to allow your teams to use remote work for health reasons while still holding them accountable for key efforts.

Be Generous With Sick Leave

For decades, health professionals have told workers “When in doubt, stay home” with a cold or flu – but many managers push their teams to come in anyway. This year’s cold and flu season, however, calls for a rethinking of this approach.

When in doubt, encourage workers to work remotely or to take time off to recover. The faster your teams recover from illness, the less likely they are to infect their co-workers.

Lean on Temporary and Contract Help When Needed

No matter how careful you and your team are, a seasonal cold or flu can leave many people sidelined at once. In this situation, talk to your recruiter about finding qualified temporary or contract help. These workers will support your team members, so that essential tasks are completed – and your team can focus on getting well.

Are You Keeping Your Team Safe?

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