The COVID-19 pandemic forced sales and marketing teams to shift their strategies rapidly – and in response to unprecedented pressures and public health demands. Providers’ attention and time became unusually scarce, forcing sales teams to rethink how they build relationships with healthcare providers.

Here are three ways that medical sales teams can engage with healthcare providers with awareness of how the relationship has changed due to the pandemic.

How Can You Engage Providers Post-Pandemic?

Offer the remote and hybrid options providers want.

The pandemic has waned, but healthcare providers’ preference for remote or hybrid communications has not. Sales teams that embrace digital means of reaching their customers stand a better chance of engaging these providers.

Use digital tools to your advantage by understanding and communicating their value to providers. For instance, you may note how a video call saves time for a healthcare provider. Focus on quality conversations in both digital and in-person environments.

Embrace a team mentality.

Even before the pandemic began, some healthcare providers were exploring the possibility of connecting to other areas of a pharma or device company, such as medical affairs, through introductions made by their sales professionals.

Today, healthcare providers are even more interested in sales relationships that offer a springboard to other connections in addition to meeting the provider’s immediate needs. To build better provider relationships, familiarize yourself with the work done in medical affairs and other departments, so you can make introductions and share information to satisfy providers.

Rev up your love of learning.

Many medical sales reps love their jobs because the role demands constant learning – about new products, new applications, and new customers. In the future, a love of adaptability and creativity will come into higher demand.

Among healthcare providers, sales professionals that show an ability to adapt and be flexible are often prized above those who don’t. Providers are on the front lines: They see what needs to change, and they embrace support for those changes.

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