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The COVID-19 pandemic forced pharmaceutical sales teams to dig deep for innovation and adaptation. It forced pharma companies and related industries to rethink their approach to work – and to redefine what it means to succeed.

Here’s how those changes have redefined success for pharmaceutical sales reps.

Existing Changes Accelerated Quickly

Several changes were already underway in pharmaceutical sales when the COVID-19 pandemic first struck. These included the adoption of digital connectivity tools, embracing comprehensive platforms with robust security systems, and more.

The pandemic, however, forced quick changes into digital realms in order to address the health concerns of human contact. Now that these tools are part of pharma sales reps’ daily arsenal, they won’t disappear. Rather, pharma sales reps are learning new ways to put their digital insights to work.

Pharma Reps Are Reimagining Their Relationships With Providers

The reordering of social connections during the pandemic also offered new ways for pharma sales departments to think about their relationships with providers.

At first, these changes weren’t always welcome. Swamped by pandemic demands, healthcare providers were harder for sales professionals to reach and often too exhausted to pay attention when they did connect.

Today, healthcare providers are once again available to connect with pharma sales teams. Yet sales professionals gained new insight into providers’ worlds and concerns during the pandemic. These insights, coupled with the automation made possible by digital tools, are allowing pharma sales professionals to show up in more personal, focused ways with their customers.

Everyone Focuses on Value

Value-based healthcare has been an area of concern for many years, but the urgent needs of the pandemic put questions of value into overdrive. Today, pharmaceutical sales professionals are more focused than ever on how value is demonstrated in healthcare. Communicating value at every stage has become a top priority.

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