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Looking to improve your sales skills? You’re not alone. Whether you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to earn that promotion, you’re looking for a new phase in your sales career, or you’re responding to the challenge of a less than ideal performance review, now is a great time to lean into building new skills.

Here are five great opportunities to build sales skills in 2023 and beyond:

How Can You Improve Your Sales Skills?

1.  Attend sales trainings.

Sales trainings focus on specific skills. When you attend training given by your employer, you gain insight into the best ways to apply your skills in order to succeed in your current role – or aim for a new one. When you attend training outside your workplace, you gain the benefit of broader professional insight and an opportunity to connect to new job options. Both can help supercharge your skills and your career.

2.  Practice public speaking.

Sales professionals who are comfortable speaking anywhere and to anyone don’t waste energy on anxiety – which means they have more energy and attention to spend on what really matters. Brush up your public speaking skills to boost confidence and stand out.

3.  Choose a mentor.

A mentor can provide essential perspective, help you identify and build skills, and introduce you to new career opportunities. Whether your mentor is in your current organization or outside it, this relationship can be mutually beneficial – your mentor can learn from you as well.

4. Build lifelong learning skills. 

The ability and drive to learn continuously sets outstanding medical sales professionals apart from merely competent ones. To build lifelong learning skills, dive into a class, read widely, and get curious about new information.

5.  Review your sales calls.

There’s no such thing as a perfect sales call – but there are many ways to navigate a successful call. Take time each week to review your sales calls. At each review, note three things that went well and three you wish had gone differently. Identify the skills associated with each, and brush up on skills that you need to gain confidence in your sales call techniques.

Want to Get Into Medical Sales?

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