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The COVID-19 pandemic, the expanding role of Medical Affairs, and other changes in the medical industry are changing the way medical marketing teams work. Here are the top five biggest medical marketing trends in 2023.

What Medical Marketing Trends Should You Know About?

1. Personalization continues to change healthcare – and marketing.

Personalized, patient-centered care is a hot topic in every part of the healthcare industry. From genetic testing to tailored biologics to patient-centered technologies, healthcare is making a major shift toward focusing on the individual patient. Marketing teams can ride this trend by using automated platforms and other tools that personalize communications at the patient level.

2.  Integrated tech automates routine marketing tasks.

Many of the tasks demanded of marketing teams have been hands-on, such as executing email marketing campaigns. New technologies are making it easier to automate these tasks, however. Automation frees up medical marketing professionals for creative work that can’t be adequately produced by software.

3.   Integrated marketing campaigns improve product launch efforts.

In medical marketing, the difference between success and failure during a product launch often depends on the team’s ability to gain brand recognition and maintain sales – both of which are well-served by integrated marketing campaigns. With so much at stake in a product launch, integrated campaigns will likely become more common as marketing departments see better returns.

4.   Marketing teams use data in new ways. 

Our world is awash in data. The marketing teams most likely to succeed are those that learn to leverage this data and the insights it provides in the most effective ways. Artificial intelligence and machine learning help marketing teams access and use data for better insights, which can translate to better marketing efforts.

5.   Lifelong learning is the hallmark of successful marketing professionals.

Hiring managers have always looked for strong skills and a passion for marketing. In 2023 and beyond, hiring managers need to add a third quality to the must-have list: A demonstrated ability to learn continuously. Lifelong learners will put new tools to use, stay on top of current trends, and keep their teams inspired.

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