3 Signs You Belong in Pharmaceutical Sales


3 Signs You Belong in Pharmaceutical Sales | SMR Group

Are you looking for a new career? Do you love sales, but feel that you need a change of pace? Pharmaceutical sales might be the right path for you. Pharmaceutical sales is a fast-growing industry. The Pharmaceutical companies need dedicated sales professionals, and they offer a unique opportunity to build professional skills and lifelong relationships…. Read more »

Use These Websites To Grow Your Pharmaceutical Sales Education


The pharmaceutical field is constantly changing and growing. If you want a career that challenges you to learn new things, pharmaceutical sales can be a great choice.   If you’re looking for resources to help you expand your pharmaceutical sales knowledge, try the following online sources.   NAPSRx  The National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives website, online courses, and… Read more »

Want to Be a Great Pharmaceutical Sales Rep? 4 Essential Fundamentals to Master


The way pharmaceutical reps sell to physicians has changed significantly in recent years, and standing out among a sea of other reps isn’t as easy as it once was. If you are a pharmaceutical rep – or if you manage them – these the four essential fundamentals you should know to stand out and make… Read more »