How to Manage With Radical Transparency


How to Manage With Radical Transparency | SMR Group

“Radical transparency” is more than just the new management buzzword. It’s a change in how managers relate to workers. Radical transparency focuses on addressing some of the biggest historical sources of breakdown between managers and their teams, so that work can proceed more effectively. Here’s what managers need to know about radical transparency and how… Read more »

What Do I Do When My Sales Reps Aren’t Hitting Their Goals?


This can be a difficult question for sales executives to answer. But like any potentially complex problem, try to start at the beginning and try to break it up into bite-sized chunks.  As a sales leader, you want to make sure you’ve uncovered the root cause of the dip in sales before you take action.    … Read more »

What’s the Best Way to Communicate with Your Sales Team?


What’s the Best Way to Communicate with Your Sales Team_ SMRgroup

That’s a great question.   I think we would all agree that great sales executives are always great communicators.  So how do top sales leaders communicate with their teams? According to CRM giant Hubspot, There are many different techniques that great sales executives use to communicate effectively with their team. In this post, you’ll learn about… Read more »

4 Tips for Recruiting Top Medical Sales Reps


Is there a special process for recruiting medical sales reps?  Yes and no. Hiring specialists, especially salespeople, can be a challenging task. But if you know where to look, and follow a few straightforward guidelines, you can significantly streamline the recruiting and hiring process.    In this post you’ll learn four easy tips to help you… Read more »

What Character Traits Should Hiring Managers and Employment Agencies Look for in Great Sales Candidates?


That’s a great question.  Hiring managers tend to agree that sales positions are hard to fill  According to sales training giant Rain Group, “It takes an average of three months for a new seller to be ready to interact with buyers, nine months for them to be competent to perform, and 15 months for them… Read more »