Scratch These 5 Elements Off Your Resume


Scratch These 5 Elements Off Your Resume | SMR Group

Decades’ worth of advice for creating resumes is available for any curious job-seeker. The problem is that, because resume advice has circulated for decades, much of it is outdated. When it comes to creating a resume, tradition isn’t always the best source of wisdom. Here are five things that should come off your resume –… Read more »

Does Your Sales or Marketing Resume Make You Look Like a Fraud?


For many people, “polishing” a resume means formatting it well, proofreading it thoroughly, and updating it to include the most accurate picture possible of their career accomplishments to date.  For some, however, it also means fudging the numbers to cover up a few months’ unemployment, an “assistant” position, or some other less-than-ideal fact in their… Read more »