Hiring Process

Our Contact With You

If you are a passive candidate who receives an unsolicited cold-call communication from one of our Talent Scouts about an open position, you have been found as a result of our Talent Field Mining Process™.

If you are an active candidate seeking career advancement opportunities, you probably contacted us due to prior experience with us, a word-of-mouth referral from a colleague, responding to a job posting, or via Internet and print media research.

When We Contact You

When you receive contact from SMR Group Ltd, you can know that your credentials have been prequalified by members of our team.

Practicing Client-Focused Targeted Search and Recruitment™ directs us to target outreach to prospective candidates who have a reasonable likelihood of being a match for our hiring client’s job specifications.

Is the Position Right for You?

It takes two to make an exceptional hiring decision. The position must be an excellent match of a candidate’s needs and qualifications with the needs and specifications of the hiring manager and organization.

We will consult with you regarding your reasons for looking for a position and what your next step in your career should provide you with.

You can also expect to be qualified and interviewed about your academic and job history, accomplishments and documentation thereof, income history, driving record, career and life situational outcomes as well as other areas of interest to our hiring clients.

Presenting, Advocating, Counseling and Communicating

The decision is made mutually by you and SMR Group Ltd that an open position appears to be a good match for you.

Your resume is then presented to our hiring client, compliant with their hiring process.

When you are presented as an SMR Group Ltd candidate, we will advocate on your behalf, counsel and coach you through the interview process, and provide you with timely and candid feedback concerning your candidacy.

“… SMR Group are the best recruiters I’ve ever worked with … constantly followed up at each step of the process and prepared me for success during the interview process … has a detailed knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and excellent interpersonal skills. I would highly recommend Rick and his company whether you are looking for a career change or highly qualified candidates for vacancies!!!”

– Steve B., District Sales Manager, Leading Specialty Biopharmaceutical Company