Quality of Hire

“Ultimately, quality of hire has the potential for the greatest impact on the organization … quality has to be achieved not as an accident but as a matter of design … steps in which to address quality are: 1. Job success analysis; 2. Targeted sourcing; 3. Fast reaction time; 4. Consistent screening process …”

– Quality of Hire: The Next Edge in Corporate Performance

Quality of hire is what we relentlessly work to optimize. It is the fundamental, vital reason why you engage us to augment your search and recruitment process.

Quality must address the value proposition of, and the value delivered by, the candidates hired to fill your critical open positions; the productivity of the recruitment and hiring process; and the compliance of the process with your organizational needs and governmental regulations.

SMR Group Ltd Talent Field Mining Process™

OFCCP Compliant

We relentlessly work to optimize your “quality of hire” via our best practices Talent Field Mining Process™.

Compliant with your organization’s process and OFCCP/EEOC regulations, we conduct original targeted research for every search you engage us for with a commitment to leaving no stone unturned. Our ATS/SaaS platform assures capturing and archiving of all mandated data relevant to each search engagement.

Our Talent Field Mining Process™ entails exhaustive mining of targeted talent fields via the following steps, drilling deep to identify, qualify and recruit the top talent that will deliver the bottom line, high-achieving results you want, need and demand:

  • Talent source company intelligence gathering and targeting.
  • Targeted telephone and Internet research.
  • Penetration of social and professional network sites.
  • Targeted networking.
  • SMR Group Ltd database candidate inventory inspection.
  • Position postings, Internet and print.
  • Network affiliate splits.
  • Implementation of additional sourcing tactics.

Search & Recruitment Service Engagement Steps Overview

  1. Learn the specifications and expectations of the client’s recruitment, hiring and onboarding process.
  2. Identify the details of the position’s job success requirements and value proposition to candidates.
  3. Execute Talent Field Mining Process™
  4. Qualify, screen and recruit prospective candidates.
  5. Present on-target qualified candidates for your consideration.
  6. Sell hiring client value proposition vs. identified candidate career options.
  7. Facilitate the interviewing/hiring/onboarding process as you require: interview scheduling; travel reservations; candidate deselection notification; background checks; offer presentation and affirmation; onboarding logistics.